Chapter 34: Happy Birthday to me! 

I am now 34 years old. WOW!

I was supposed to visit Cuba for my birthday, but unfortunately due to Hurricane Irma, her brother & her crazy ass auntie that was en route, I had to cancel my trip. Can you say irked?!

So at the last minute, I pulled together an itinerary in order to celebrate. On Friday, I hosted a “happy hour” at Boogalou Restaurant & Lounge and partied a lil bit at MJQ…. both located on Ponce De Leon. If you’ve ever been to MJQ, you know it’s a good time to be had! On Saturday, I hosted a brunch at one of favorite spots called BQE Restaurant & Lounge on Edgewood and that night I went to Mansion Elan on Clairmont Rd (I ain’t been there in years…. and probably won’t go back. LOL I had a great time, but it’s just not my scene.) On Sunday, I got a massage that morning at Massage Envy in Midtown (so needed and right on time!) and later that evening I went to CRU Lounge (check my previous post for the review on this spot).

Overall, my birthday was pretty dope! Not exactly how I wanted to spend it (as I mentioned before, I was supposed to be out of the country) and since being in Atlanta was such a last minute move, many of my favorite faces couldn’t be there. But, one of my best friends caught a last minute flight from Philly to turn up with me the moment she found out that my trip was cancelled and that made up for everything!

Here are some of my highlights:

Mani, Pedi & Wax: Camp Creek Marketplace (ATL) Review

As soon as the bell rung to dismiss school I ran out the building to start my birthday weekend. Today was my Friday! I rushed like a bat out of hell to make my wax appointment. Rio Body Wax, located in Camp Creek Marketplace (right next to DSW) got me right! And for $35, you can’t beat that price!

Immediately after; I hustled over to my favorite nail salon before they closed. Lush Nail Bar is over near Target. I got a full set & a pedicure; french for both. What I love about this place is that they do a quality job on your hands and feet. And it doesn’t hurt that they give you a glass of wine!

If you find yourself in East Point/Camp Creek, you should definitely check out both of these spots!

Review of Goddess Locs by Misses Jenelle

As I gear up for my upcoming 34th birthday celebrations, first thing on my “to do” list was my hair! If you know me, you know that I am very particular about my hair and even moreso particular about who I let touch it. A few months back I got some goddess locs done by a young lady named Misses Jenelle whom I found on Instagram while doing a search for someone who does them in ATL. I tried reaching out to several popular stylists on IG known for their locs and I either didn’t get a response from them or they were booked for months out. One girl was so “Hollywood” (great marketing strategy nonetheless) that she only opens her schedule for one day and one day only to book for the upcoming month. I felt hopeless! And then, right as I was about to give up, I stumbled upon Misses Jenelle. She responded right away, gave me all the information that I needed to know as far as lengths, sizes & types and most importantly her prices. Once I was able to decide on which service I wanted & was ready to book, she sent me an invoice that I paid right away to lock in my date.

Now let’s fast forward to today. I loved my last goddess locs so much that I decided to come back! I booked my appointment while the first set were still installed back in June. LOL I wasn’t playing y’all! I had to make sure I had this particular date so that I could strut into my birthday with style & grace!

Misses Jenelle is a gem. She will be my ‘forever loc stylist’ as long as I reside in the city of Atlanta. When people ask who did my hair, she will be the one that I will recommend! She’s very down to earth. She makes the lengthy time of getting them installed enjoyable. And most importantly, she pays careful attention to your hair and is meticulous about every single braid! She works out of her home and is hospitable during your time there. All the things that I love in a stylist! Oh, and I forgot to mention that her locs do not cause you any unnecessary pain; while still being secure & you’ll still have your edges when you remove them!

So, if you’re looking for someone to do your locs in the city of Atlanta, look no further! Misses Jenelle has got you covered! She does faux locs, goddess locs and bohemian locs. You can find her on IG: @MissesJenelle_MUA.etc. She’s located in Clarkston GA…..Decatur where it’s greater!

One MusicFest 2017

On Saturday, my girls and I went to brunch at BQE Restaurant & Lounge before heading to One MusicFest. You definitely MUST check out this spot on any given Saturday; guaranteed ‘good vibes only’. I’ll do a write up exclusively on them at a later date. This year’s line up at OMF wasn’t as ‘lit’ as previous years, but they had my girl Jill Scott performing as the headliner, so I was good as she NEVER lets me down! Mos Def (Yasin Bey) was slated to give a ‘farewell performance’, but it was underwhelming for me while he was on stage struggling through his set. The lights were cut off. The sound wasn’t that great. And he did more MCing than actually performing songs. I did get to hear ‘Ms. Fat Booty’, but I wanted and expected so much more. Maybe my standards were too high. It could have been that I’m not a true Mos Def fan. *shrugs shoulders*. But as a lover of music, I was not impressed at all.

CRU Hookah Lounge Review

I checked out CRU located in Old 4th Ward (right by Ponce City Market) on Sunday night. Since Hurricane Irma caused school to be closed on Monday & Tuesday for me, I figured I’d go out and be ‘grown’ by staying up past my bedtime/curfew. LOL My homeboy (Sean Falyon) DJs the event. He had been promoting the event for some time now on his Facebook and Instagram pages and I had been saying to myself that I needed to check it out. I’m happy that I finally did! It’s a really laid back vibe. The food, drinks and music were on point! And JoJo the server became my BFF before I left! Yea, Suuuuuuh! LOL

If you live in Atlanta you should definitely check out this place when you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed!


Meet the Curator…

My name is Rachel Raé. I am a plus size fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger. Atlanta may have made me the woman that I am today, but Philly is the place where I was born & raised. I am 33 years young. I am a Virgo. I am single. I don’t have any children (yet). I am a Dean (of discipline) at a charter high school. My favorite colors are hot pink & leopard. My favorite food is pizza. I love music & a good book. I’m down to earth, yet outspoken. Oh, and I curse… a lot! LOL

Soon, I will be debuting myself as a blogger for the very first time in public! I am very excited and I am looking forward to this journey! Fashion and Beauty has been a passion of mine for a very long time now. I guess you can say that I am finally adjusting my crown and taking my throne that has been rightfully mine. Watch out Atlanta; watch out world!