Disarming Myths About Fat Lifestyles w/ LipstickNFit

On Saturday Dec 2nd, The Fluffy Girl Tribe were on FB & IG Live discussing the myths surrounding fat lifestyles w/ featured guest blogger & plus size wellness coach: LIPSTICKNFIT! #psblogger #fashionblogger #atlantablogger #eventblogger #beautyblogger #styleblogger #styleinspo #tcfstyle #fffweek #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #plussizefashion #plusisamust #celebratemysize #fullfiguredfashion #bodypositive #hair #makeup #mua #travel #beauty #fashion #fashionista #curves #curvywomenContinue reading “Disarming Myths About Fat Lifestyles w/ LipstickNFit”

Elle Dove’s “Sweet Tooth Pop Up Shop” Recap

Let me start off by saying that I am so proud of my fellow Fluffy Girl Tribe member, Elle for putting on such a great event! Sky’s the limit with this one…… and she’s destined to go very far! On Saturday, December 2nd, Elle hosted a “pop-up shop” at a cute boutique called Style EnvyContinue reading “Elle Dove’s “Sweet Tooth Pop Up Shop” Recap”

Wrap Up of Satrina’s Ultimate Closet Sale

On Saturday, November 25th, I teamed up with The Fluffy Girl Tribe and opened my closet up for customers to shop from. I definitely thought that the concept was dope! How many times do we buy clothes that we only wear once or never wear at all? Better yet, how often do we buy clothes,Continue reading “Wrap Up of Satrina’s Ultimate Closet Sale”

“You’re Pretty For A Big Girl!”

On Saturday (11/25), The Fluffy Girl Tribe is going LIVE to discuss the phrase: “YOU’RE PRETTY FOR A BIG GIRL!” You don’t want to miss this! Catch Creators: Rachel Raé (@thedeanoffashionandbeauty), Alicia (@apyblog) & Elle Dove (@designer_elledove) in @isimplybeatfaces makeup studio, spilling some tea! 🐸☕️ #psblogger #fashionblogger #atlantablogger #eventblogger #beautyblogger #styleblogger #styleinspo #tcfstyle #fffweek #effyourbeautystandardsContinue reading ““You’re Pretty For A Big Girl!””

We’re going LIVE, baby!

TONIGHT! Tune in! Take a break from your Thanksgiving prep and tune into @thefluffygirltribe’s LIVE while we discuss self esteem and why it is important to have BEFORE losing weight! Creators: Rachel Raé (@thedeanoffashionandbeauty), Alicia (@apyblog) & Elle Dove (@designer_elledove) will dig into some touchy topics and give you some deets on our upcoming events!Continue reading “We’re going LIVE, baby!”


The Fluffy Girl Tribe is a collective of Atlanta based women dedicated to creating and curating resources, networking opportunities, brand building, marketing and support to the burgeoning newcomers of the blogging community. The personal experiences of TFGT Members compelled us to create an inclusive, and empowering networking collective in order to negate the all tooContinue reading “#TheFluffyGirlTribe”

TuRae’s SoulComedy @ WarmDaddy’s

SoulComedy @ WarmDaddy’s is known to be “the BEST in live stand up comedy and class cuisine” and having had been here a few times, I can certainly stand behind it! WarmDaddy’s is located in Philadelphia on Columbus Blvd. It is a soul food restaurant and for years you can come here to catch someContinue reading “TuRae’s SoulComedy @ WarmDaddy’s”

REBDOLLS: Harlem Brick+Mortar Store 

While visiting my best friend in New York, we took a trip to Harlem. We had just hopped out of our cab and was dodging the rain while trying to get inside Chuck E. Cheese where we planned to spend a few hours with her little one, when I saw Rebdolls sitting midblock on 125thContinue reading “REBDOLLS: Harlem Brick+Mortar Store “

Mo McKenzie’s “All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer”: ATL’s Second Edition 

On Sunday, October 8th, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the “All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer” as a GUEST BLOGGER. It was hosted by the beautiful Mo McKenZie, a fashion stylist & personal shopper. The mixer was held at a cute little venue called The Kupcakerie located in East Point, GA.Continue reading “Mo McKenzie’s “All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer”: ATL’s Second Edition “