Review: Yadain Cultural Solutions, LLC

Yay! I made it to Yadain! I am so hype about their new location on Chelten Ave (between Wayne Ave & Greene Street) in Philadelphia! I made a trip there during my recent visit home (I am originally from Philly). They have been getting a lot of recognition off a post that went viral overContinue reading “Review: Yadain Cultural Solutions, LLC”

Spike Lee’s 30th Anniversary Screening of School Daze

When I tell y’all that this experience was so dope! It was like a throwback HBCU house party! The only thing that was missing was the jungle juice! The moment that I found out about this event, I just HAD to go! This was definitely one of the movies/shows that began my pilgrimage to college!Continue reading “Spike Lee’s 30th Anniversary Screening of School Daze”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

Without dropping any movie spoilers, I must say that this movie was awesome, powerful, empowering, and just simply beautiful to & for our people. It was truly a culturally and visually beautiful movie. I love and appreciate the African themes throughout the movie. The symbolism that this film exudes is awe inspiring to say theContinue reading “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!”

A Review: SKINTRITION PRESCRIPTION skincare products

Not too long ago, I had acquired a few items from Skintrition Prescription while at a pop up shop. I kept saying to myself that I needed to give it a try, but most times when the thought crossed my mind, it was never in arms reach. Finally, fresh out of my daily facial cleanserContinue reading “A Review: SKINTRITION PRESCRIPTION skincare products”

The ‘We Been Rockin’ Networking Event @ Simon’s Restaurant

THE FLUFFY GIRL TRIBE just HAD to show some love to the fellas of @webeenrockin at their networking event/mixer. Only 2/3 of us were present & accounted for, but that is because our last third was networking and being magical at another event in VA! We had an AMAZING time and there isn’t a personContinue reading “The ‘We Been Rockin’ Networking Event @ Simon’s Restaurant”