Same Dress, Different Mindset..

“Play that back…”

The first set of pics were taken in November 2020. I had decided shortly thereafter that it was time to make some lifestyle changes. The year prior, I had been through so much; MS had literally kicked my ass for a full year and I was going through a pretty devastating breakup. Between the different medications, depression, working remotely due to the pandemic and poor eating habits; I was the biggest I had ever been in my adult life. I went ahead and solicited the help of a health coach through my health insurance. She became my accountability partner; we set SMART goals and I crushed them each & every time! After a year of adopting healthier habits, I loved the direction I was going in, but felt that I needed more TOOLS so I decided to have bariatric surgery.

The last set of pictures is of me in that same dress, Dec 2022. I am now down over 100lbs and maintaining. I am being patient and allowing myself some grace. I am falling in love with Rachel again. I have been creating boundaries and protecting my peace. I am in therapy. I am being unapologetic & authentic AF these days. I have forgiven myself for the choices that I have made when I didn’t know any better. I understand now that I was living in survival mode. I am now embracing this soft girl era. I love it here and I love this for me!

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