Allow me to reintroduce myself (AGAIN)…

Hello, my name Rachel Raé. I am an entrepreneuHER, boss babe & blogger. I am the face behind HERillestlife, Inc, where I created a safe space for black female chronic illness warriors that reimagines what it means to be ill.

On November 9, 2021, I had weight loss surgery; sleeve gastrectomy. Why surgery? I want to live! I have several health conditions (Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Hypertension, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS, Asthma & Anemia) and I wanted to improve and/or eliminate those that I do have control over. As of result of losing 100lbs, my life has been changed forever! I am no longer pre-diabetic (a1c has dropped dramatically) nor do I have hypertension (normal readings of 120/80). My MS symptoms have also improved (no relapses or progression). Getting bariatric surgery was certainly one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made; it literally saved my life!

About my name…

I chose “BARBIE” because even though she is a fictitious character, she is the epitome of lifestyle. Barbie was a doctor, lawyer, teacher and nurse. Barbie was a friend, sister, daughter & mom. Barbie represents fashion and style. Barbie is an influencer. Barbie is a trendsetter. The Bariatric Barbie Babe will be the personality and face of not only my brand, but also the voice of a black fashionable woman who is a Multiple Sclerosis Warrior that chose to not only live, but thrive by having bariatric surgery.

Thanks for following my journey!

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