Let’s Talk About Sex, BABY!

Let’s talk about sex…

Can I tell yall about the time that Liberator changed my whole entire life & snatched up all of my edges (and bedsheets) ?!

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Let’s talk about you and me! Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be! Let’s talk about sex!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Liberator’s Flagship Store which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. They sell an array of goodies geared towards enhancing your sexual experiences; from vibrators & dildos to handcuffs & lubes all the way to furnishings. Literally, whatever you can think of, they’ve got you covered! I felt like a big kid in a candy store! Since that visit, I promised myself that when I purchased my first home (cuz having a roommate sucks) that I would invest in several of their items.

ABOUT LIBERATOR: Liberator has been crafting bedroom adventure gear in its Atlanta headquarters for more than 15 years. We transform ordinary bedrooms into supportive landscapes for intimacy by presenting angles, elevations, curves and motion that help people of all sizes find satisfying ways to connect with their partners.

OUR MISSION: Our products enhance couples’ intimacy by inspiring creativity and romantic imagination. We believe our products make the act of love more exciting and rewarding. Simply put, we think Liberator is the greatest invention for sex since the bed and we are inspired to share it with the world.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE USA: We devote as much effort into providing jobs for our community as we do focusing on bettering the love lives of thousands.We are a proud of being an American manufacturer and using other local sources for materials in our manufacturing process.

WE USE INNOVATIVE PACKAGING: Just like we redefined the bedroom, we are redefining the way we impact the world around us. We’ve shrunk our package size by over 60% using a revolutionary vacuum compression process. With less space necessary for shipping, we use less fuel for deliveries and fewer paper products for packaging, reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Soooooooo….. fast forward to just a month ago, when I finally placed an order for a few products to add some spice to my (solo) sex life!

I purchased the following:

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand
Sensuelle Bullet
Pulse Sex Toy Mount
Stashe Toy Storage Pillow
Fascinator Mini Throw

Let me start off by saying that the “massager” is BEYOND magical! Somebody better call Harry Potter and give him back his wand! I may have even uttered a few spells too… LOL

“Wingardium Leviosa!”

Chile, it took me from 0-100 real quick! And sometimes when I am feeling extra adventurous, I’ll take that trip twice or even thrice! OH-MAZING! Definitely HIGHLY recommended! I mean, anything that plugs into the wall has to pack some intense power! You should purchase one of their throws (comes in various sizes) to lay underneath you so that you don’t mess up your sheets/covers. Who likes sleeping in the “wet spot”?! Whether you are flying solo or not, it is a godsend! Easy Peasy clean up! It’s super absorbent and leak proof! And because it is made of microfiber suede, you can just wipe it down after you wake up from your nap. The pillow (made of the same fabric) is a great place to stash all of my goodies. It blends right in with the other 100 pillows I already have on my bed! And as far as the mount and bullet…. buckle up and ride into the sunset, hunti! LOL Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaw! Hours and hours of mind blowing pleasure!

Check out Liberator TODAY!

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