MiOhMy’s Shoe Etiquette Tour: Atlanta

Saturday, I was able to join host Shamia, the owner of MiOhMy Shoes for a fun afternoon out to discuss one of our favorite topics SHOES! I got to learn some tips and tricks from an expert in the industry while sipping mimosas and snacking on cheese, crackers & fruit! I got the opportunity to receive assistance with proper shoe sizing & learn which style shoe suits me best. It was a lecture/classroom style room setup, but felt like you were chatting with a group of girlfriends in a intimate setting at Ecom Spaces, located not to far from The AUC . We each received a shoe bag, a shoe horn & a tee shirt before leaving. If you decided to bring a pair of shoes (like those 5 inch heels that have you walking like a newborn calf), this was the perfect time for you to learn the ways in which to wear them more comfortably.

I had a great time! I even ran into model, Crystal Nicole, owner of Virgo Nicole Collection & fellow influencer/blogger, Bevy Jae while there! They say that: “Shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit but sometimes wearing them comes with a price.” So if The Shoe Etiquette Tour makes it to your city, you should definitely grab a ticket, your favorite pair of shoes and your bestie and go!

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