Boss Babe Spotlight: Samira Harris!

Each & every Wednesday for “Woman Crush Wednesdays”, an entrepreneuHER is selected to be featured in the “Boss Babe Spotlight” Series. This series has been curated to shine some light on the small businesses of women who are unapologetically and authentically being themselves while leaving a footprint behind in the world that they live in.


Today, I am featuring: Samira Harris of Samira’s AM Creations! Recently, I had the chance to interview Samira and learn some new and exciting things about her. I want to thank her for taking the time to speak with me so that I could shine some light on all of her dopeness and share it with you all. I certainly look forward to continuing to curate, collaborate, create and celebrate with her in the future! If you are in the Philadelphia area, you can shower her with your love & support by placing an order for your next event; whether it be a baby shower, birthday party or wedding! Please tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend! Sit back, relax, pour a glass of wine and read about what she shared with me:

What do you want people to know about you and your business?

By day, I am an educator. Currently, I teach Special Education at an inner city public school located in Philadelphia.

By passion, I am a baker! Samira’s AM Creations was birthed from something that started off as just a hobby! Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed baking. As a child, I remember receiving my first Easy Bake Oven one Christmas and being hella esctatic! I’d bake treats for whomever would eat them; my mom, dad & brother were my test guinea pigs! LOL Over time, I started getting good at baking (obviously using a real oven) and my friends urged me to turn it into a business.

What drives you as a business owner?

I think that in this day and age, almost everyone at least has some sort of side hustle; whether it is to make ends meet or you realize that something you love to do just happens to be profitable. While, I can find myself somewhere in the middle, my drive to continue doing what I do is the end result: my beautiful yet tasty creations and pleasing my customers!

What kind of legacy/footprint do you want to leave behind?

I’d like to leave my footprint of being a black girl in her kitchen doing what she loves and bringing others joy! I take pride in knowing that my treats were apart of someone’s special event/day!

What knowledge would you like to impart on other small business owners, both new & aspiring and old & experienced?

1. Its ok to say no!

2. Be honest if something is too difficult for you.

3. Every dollar isn’t worth the hassle!

What does being a “boss babe” mean to you?

To me, it means pushing envelopes even when things seem impossible! It means having creativity and thinking outside the box! Lastly, it means being genuinely & authentically you no matter what!

If you had to pick a phrase to serve as your words of affirmation, what would it be?

“Be the best you you can be, nobody can tell or show you how to do it any better!”

Are there any other special gifts or talents that you have that you’d like to share?

Teaching is my superpower… what’s yours?

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