Boss Babe Spotlight: Alicia Young!

Each & every Wednesday for “Woman Crush Wednesdays”, an entrepreneuHER is selected to be featured in the “Boss Babe Spotlight” Series. This series has been curated to shine some light on the small businesses of women who are unapologetically and authentically being themselves while leaving a footprint behind in the world that they live in.


Today, I am featuring: Alicia of APY Blog! Recently, I had the chance to interview Alicia and learn some new and exciting things about her. I want to thank her for taking the time to speak with me so that I could shine some light on all of her dopeness and share it with you all. I certainly look forward to continuing to curate, collaborate, create and celebrate with her in the future! You can shower her with your support by restocking your beauty kit with her beauty line that she recently dropped or reading her blog or subscribing to her YouTube Channel! Sit back, relax, pour a glass of wine and read about what she shared with me:

What do you want people to know about you and your business?

Hmm that’s a good question. I want people to know that I am a mom and wife who had a vision on how to expand on my enthusiasm for cosmetics! With there being such a lack of plus visibility in the beauty industry; I didn’t want to have to beg to sit at anyone’s table. So, I created my own and anyone can come sit!

What drives you as a business owner?

The desire to challenge the beauty standard in the industry and provide affordable cosmetics for ladies who want to shop beauty on a budget!

What kind of legacy/footprint do you want to leave behind?

I just want people to remember how I made them feel; and hopefully that feeling be a good one! Whatever comes of my business is not nearly as important as the interactions I have with people.

What knowledge would you like to impart on other small business owners, both new & aspiring and old & experienced?

Do your research. Learn your market. Know your target audience. Have a business plan. Get licensed. Operate like you take yourself seriously. Do not worry about the millions of other businesses that might be just like yours; remember your passion and what inspired you to start your business to begin with. Don’t have expectations of overnight success (while that’s nice in theory) rather, focus on creating a brand that will have longevity.

What does being a “boss babe” mean to you?

Being a woman with determination, ambition and resiliency who has the strength to do what’s needed to get things done.If you had to pick a phrase to serve as your words of affirmation, what would it be?

Breathe deep and take one moment at a time.

Are there any other special gifts or talents that you have that you’d like to share?

Hmm…well lets see! I am a poet; I’m super gifted with word play.

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