The Beauty Conference: VIP as F*ck!

So after being tagged in a giveaway on IG by one of my fellow members of The Fluffy Girl Tribe, I went ahead and tagged some more of my favorite fabulous fluffies and well wouldn’t you look at that….. I won! I won a VIP ticket at that! I swear that I don’t win things often, but 2019 seems to be my WINNING SEASON! This is the second contest/giveaway that I have won and both are related to beauty & business! That’s my type of hype!

I am so happy that I attended The Beauty Conference! I had such an amazing time! There were vendors such as Nice Scent, Pink Petal Organics & Working Woman there. There was food. And there were mimosas! Shoot, I even left with a tote bag filled with goodies! Whoooooot, Whoooooot! I ran into some familiar faces (such as Meagan and Shanice, both of whom I met at The Business Warming a few weeks ago) and I also had the opportunity to meet some new ones! I’m definitely looking forward to the new budding relationships and partnerships that were ignited!

There were so many gems that were dropped, adding to my growth as an entrepreneur and blogger in the beauty industry! Hearing from the likes of Nia Chantal, Curvy Curly Conscious, Monica Robinson & Melissa Joslyn got my whole life together! The biggest take aways for me was “to be intentional”, “to be authentic” and most importantly, “to be you”! I could appreciate all of this advice as I continue to explore and navigate ways to improve my brand and create content for my audience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I could have chosen to be anywhere else, but I am glad that I chose to be poured into that afternoon. I cannot wait to see what next year brings for you, Terri! Congratulations on a successful event!

Here are a few pics from the event. Enjoy!

Outfit Deets: “Tell Me You Love Me” Pant Set, Distressed Demim Jacket, Distressed Denim Handbag

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