Things That Every Woman Needs to Help Her Conquer The World & Celebrate Herself!

So I was sitting at home on my couch one evening when I thought to myself. “You know what, Rach, there are just some things every woman should have.” Call it our inalienable rights, but I truly believe that we women are dope AF and we should have certain tools to help us make a difference in the world or even just get through a shitty day!

In lieu of Women’s History Month; an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society, I felt that it was important to highlight the importance of women celebrating themselves, embracing their womanhood and promoting self care! I’ve compiled this list of items that I feel are important for each & every woman to carry with her as she journeys through life. May they serve as a map and compass to guide her along the way. As we know, trials & tribulations come, but as do many triumphs!

Here goes the list, “Things Every Woman Needs to Help Her Conquer The World & Celebrate Herself”:

A good book.
Every woman should have that one book that when she reads it, it’s like she’s reading a whole different book for the first time. It could be something that changes your perspective or perhaps a romance that makes your heart flutter! What centers you? What moves you? This book will be your “go to” and perhaps it will change as you evolve as a person.

A serene space.
Be it a warm bath, a corner in your favorite coffee shop or a nook in your own home, we should all have a place away from the demands of the world. A place where we can block out the noise and clear our minds.

A planner.
Some would say that cleanliness is next to godliness and if you ask me, organization is definitely a second runner up. Some may use their phones or tablets, but I am pretty old school. I like to see things written into something that is tangible. I remember always having had some sort of planner. I believe it began in high school when I was given an agenda during high school orientation. Since then, I have always carried one in my purse or work bag. Adulting doesn’t come easy to me. Trying to stay on top of the day to day can be a huge challenge, but having a planner helps me get my entire life together! Every woman should own one… I think so anyways.

A mantra.
Every girl should have a quote or saying that she refers back to. One that uplifts her when she feels like the world is against her or when things are seemingly falling apart around her. One that celebrates her when she experiences life’s joys. The mantra should mean something special to her. It should remind her of her ‘why’. It should anchor her to her purpose. It should realign her to her ‘how’.

A playlist.
Ain’t nothing like a dope ass playlist. If you have multiple playlists depending on your mood or what you need it for, then you are winning! This playlist should be one that you can play from start to finish. Whether you are cleaning the house, getting over a break up or just relaxing and becoming one with your zen. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one today! What are you waiting on?!

Her favorite bottle of wine & snack.
Don’t ever underestimate what a good bottle of wine and a delicious dessert can do for your mind, body & soul! I love chocolate and I love gummy worms. Whenever I am stressing out over life’s ups and downs, I give myself a night to tickle my taste buds. Oh, the simple things!

A little black dress.
Every girl should have at least one little black dress in her closet. A dress that she can wear in the boardroom or one that she can slip on when stepping out for a girls’ night out on the town. In both situations, she should feel like a bad ass bitch when she slips it on. She should feel powerful beyond measure.

Some hoop earrings.
I don’t know about you, but when I put on my hoop earrings, I feel like all of my black girl magic calls on my ancestors to get me through my day. Hoop earrings make me feel like I have super powers! The bigger the better!

A great bra.
There’s nothing like a bra that fits! When the girls are sitting pretty, that contributes to an absolute great day for me! A great bra is like a good girlfriend; cute AND supportive! I get my bras from Land Bryant. There are many other options out there; Livi Rae being one of them.

A right hand ring.
Every woman should celebrate herself! And why not with a piece of jewelry? Something that stands out and catches glances from across the room. A right hand ring is a great way to do just that! You should check out The Modern Gents Trading Company to get your fix!

A vibrator.
There comes a time when a girl needs to wind down and relax. She may have an internal yearning to satisfy, an insatiable craving from within. She may not feel the need to reach out to someone else to fulfil this desire. She may want to explore her own curves. A vibrator does the trick for me! I shop at Liberator and Bedroom Kandi for my needs!

BTW: Did you know that orgasms are beneficial to your health? They improve circulation to organs in the pelvic cavity, delivering nutrients, growing healthy tissues, and regulating your menstrual cycle. They increase fertility and sense of wellness. They improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer. They promote healthy estrogen levels to  protect you against osteoporosis and heart disease.

Sexy lingerie.
I used to think that lingerie was only worn for your lover. But as I continue to journey through womanhood and my own self exploration and the things that make me happy, lingerie is definitely on the list. I love the way I feel when I slip it on. After taking a long bubble bath and moisturizing my body with shea butter & body oils, I slip on something lace or satin and just lay around the house in it. I feel like a queen! I feel beautiful, more so because only I get to enjoy it. There’s like another level of intimacy in that for me.

A pair of comfortable yet sexy pair of heels.
Shoes can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We all deserve a pair that are killer but that won’t kill us. My life goal (well one of them) is to find a pair that feels as good as it looks!

A pair of black leggings.
Who doesn’t own a pair of leggings?! At this juncture in life, I own several pair! I wear them to the gym, to the market, to work and to bed. They are so comfortable and multi purposeful! A must have in every girl’s wardrobe!

A favorite perfume or signature scent.
A woman should always smell good! She should have a scent that is hers. An aroma that walks into the room before she does and then lingers a bit after she leaves. I personally wear body oil. I receive so many compliments on my scent. I love that it lasts all day. If you live in Atlanta, check out Afrocentric Network! Tell them that I sent you! If you’ve ever said: “What is she wearing?!” and “OMG, she smells so good!” I probably had on “Golden Sand”.

A favorite pair of jeans.
Great fitting jeans are hard to come by these days. My favorite pair(s) of jeans have come from Charlotte Russe! I am saddened by the fact that they are closing every where! I pray that someone picks up the Refuge brand. Like seriously! They are the only brand of jeans that are affordable, stretchy, comfortable and fit my curves right! Shoot, they even give me a little booty!

One good girlfriend… or a tribe.
Every girl should have at least one good girlfriend who will talk her down off the ledge or post her bail; she is completely with the shits either way. And if you have a few of them in your pocket, consider yourself beyond blessed. If you don’t have a tribe, find you one! Not now, but right now! A place where you can authentically be yourself. A place where you are not “Yaaaaaaaaaaassss”‘d to death. A place that celebrates you, flaws and all.

I hope that you found some relatability in this blog post and were able to take some personal inventory. Remember to ALWAYS celebrate yourself first and to go where you are celebrated! Is there anything else that you would add to the list? Please leave it in the comments!

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