The Business Warming Party

Hey Scholars,

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On Saturday, March 2nd, I had the honor of attending The Business Warming Party, hosted by Erika King of Business & Brunch at Industrious Ponce City Market, I had an amazing time while I was there and I had the opportunity to connect with some even more amazing women, all making boss ass moves in each of their own lanes.

It all started with a “call for bloggers” that I answered. I was digging the vibes of this event and knew immediately that I wanted to take part in it. Erika responded in kind and approved my request to attend a blogger. Yay! So with my press pass in hand and my calendar marked, I was ready!

What is a business warming party, you might ask? Don’t worry, I had the same question too!

First, one must begin with defining what a house warming party is. Wikipedia states that “a house-warming party is a party traditionally held soon after moving into a new residence. It is an occasion for the host to present their new home to their friends and family, post moving, and for friends and family to give gifts to furnish the new home”.

A business warming takes that concept and puts a bit of a twist on it. According to it’s creator, the event was born from the idea that if you can host events for someone who has purchased their first home, preparing for the arrival of a new child or tying the knot; why not for a new business? Why shouldn’t a girl who is starting her own business be celebrated and gifted things that will help her prosper? Shouldn’t she be filled with encouragement as she embarks on her new journey from all of her loved ones? The question was asked…….and Viola, The Business Warming became the answer!

By the end of this empowering afternoon that was filled with plenty of networking opportunities, a spa lounge, a mini headshot station, and a bar; I walked away feeling hella full (and maybe a little tipsy LOL). The new budding relationships that were forged in that space was beyond magical! So many genuine hugs, smiles and “Hey girl, Hey!” moments were had. I look forward to curating, collaborating, creating and celebrating at some point this year which each and everyone that I encountered.

One requirement of each guest that attended The Business Warming Party was to bring a gift for another woman that they could use in their business life. Somehow my own energy and that of Ka’Sh The Stylist, connected us to each other. I had come alone and so did she, but we chatted like two long lost high schoolers at a class reunion! While immersed in conversation, the time had come for everyone to exchange gifts. Unanimously, we both decided to exchange with each other. And OMG, it was as if this gift was curated exclusively just for me! She had no idea that pink is my favorite color. She had no idea that I had been eyeballing this very notebook the day before and left it cuz I was not in TJ Maxx to shop for myself and needed to exercise some restraint. She had no idea that I was in need of a new passport cover. She new nothing about my new affinity for all things rose gold! Nor did she know that I like clean/earthy scents. Thank you, new friend! I hope that you enjoy your gift as much as I love mine! We WILL see each other again! Bet that, sis!

This event both inspired and empowered me! If I’m being completely honest, it lit a fire under my ass and perhaps even one from within. Stay tuned to see what I do with it! Way to go, Erika on curating such a dope ass event! I’m already looking forward to next year! Same time, same place?! You can definitely count me in!

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