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Recently, I was in need of some new jeans. Either the old ones no longer fit or I had totally  stressed out my “distressed” jeans to the point of no return. I’m pretty certain that we all are no stranger to the typical big girl problems of jeans: the thighs being rubbed out of your favorite pair of jeans! UGH!

On Black Friday, I lucked up on an amazing sale! I messed around I got 7 pairs of jeans for a little over $100! WOW, right?! Some of my favorite jeans have come from Charlotte Russe over the years and that is where I found this amazing deal that I just had to take part in! Each pair of jeans were about $15-20 dollars each and I also used their “20% off coupon” for joining their mailing list. I am all about a deal, sale and/or coupon! I don’t ever pay full price for anything from anywhere unless I absolutely have to! Oh and they had FREE SHIPPING at the time too! I was winning that day!

My favorite pair from my haul are these: Plus Size Refuge Destroyed Skintight Legging Jeans shown in these pics below. Also in this pic is my “Algorithm Duster” by Stamped by Ieshia and my Abba Kitten Heel Bootie by Eloquii.

I was in between hairstyles, so I rocked this lovely wig named “Dee” with a turban to hold me over.

Here are some others that I personally think you should add to your cart too!


Plus Size Refuge Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans – Light Wash

Plus Size Refuge Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans – Medium Wash

Plus Size Refuge Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans – Dark Wash

Plus Size Refuge Skin Tight Legging Destroyed Jeans

Ps. Where do you shop for jeans? What are your “go to” cut & style of jeans? Leave a comment below!

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