Small Business Spotlight: Braids by Nari

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having Nari bless me with some waist length TRIBAL BRAIDS! I arrived at Royal Braid Lounge at 9 AM sharp! She was ON TIME and she worked diligently non stop! We were done around 4 PM. BTW: I have a big ass head! LOL

I am absolutely pleased with my services! Nari did an excellent job with my hair, even with it being short! Her professionalism was unmatched! She had a very positive vibe & an upbeat attitude throughout my entire appointment, to which I can appreciate. I am very big on vibes! I’ve already mentioned becoming one of her regular customers!

If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for someone who does braids that are dope AF, look no further!

Ps. They DO NOT hurt! I was able to sleep last night! LOL

Published by Rachel Camille Carson

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