An Open Letter

An Open Letter

From: The Dean of Fashion & Beauty

Where do I start? How do you compose words that tell a story of such gratitude?

Dear fellow bloggers, designers, makeup artists, models & photographers, fellow fashionistas & divas, fellow movers & shakers, fellow boss babes & entrepreneurs, and fellow FLUFFIES:

This letter comes from a heart full of thankfulness and a spirit filled with love & joy and as we wrap up a successful year as bourgeoning bloggers. 

They say, whoever “they” are, that your vibe attracts your tribe. Only days after deciding to start blogging about my love of fashion, beauty, style, health, entertainment & travel; did I meet two other women who would start a journey with me that would later create a safe space for other girls who were tired of trying to fit in or be accepted. The Fluffy Girl Tribe was born and created out of necessity. We didn’t want to beg for seats at anyone’s table so we created our own!

Oh, what a year it has been!

Elle & Alicia, while we have many more lessons to learn, obstacles to face and hurdles to jump, I can wholeheartedly say that we have each blossomed both individually & collectively! A year full of growth has now passed and I am looking forward to sharing many more! THANK YOU for journeying with me! THANK YOU for holding me accountable! THANK YOU for pushing me out of my comfort zone!


Ps. The only way to go now is to the top!

– Raé

Published by Rachel Camille Carson

EntrepreneuHER, Blogger & Boss Babe Curate • Collaborate • Create • Celebrate

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