TCFStyle Expo Recap!

Hey Girl, HEY!

After some muuuuuuuuch needed rest, I can finally give you dolls a recap of my experience at The 2018 TCFStyle Expo! The entire weekend was LIT!

So let’s get into it…

Humbly, I was afforded the opportunity to attend Blogger Mastermind Day! Originally, I had not planned to go, but I was blessed by Alysse (AKA “Ready To Stare”) with tickets to go after winning a giveaway that she had hosted on Instagram. CLICK HERE to see how that played out!

Blogger Mastermind Day, lead by Marie Denee AKA The Curvy Fashionista and Chante Burkett was nothing short of amazing! The jewels that I picked up, the connections that I made and the experience that I was apart of, was nothing like anything that I could have ever imagined! I was completely mind blown! I learned how to make the content of my blog something that my readers would come back for on a regular and consistent basis as well as how to make my blog make me some COINTS. And who doesn’t like money?! Stay tuned as I use this newfound knowledge and level up!The evening was kicked off with The Curvy Social hosted by Ashley Dean! It was held at a cute posh event space located in Downtown Atlanta called Galleria 314. When I tell yall that every guy and gal in the building was red carpet ready, hunti! *snap, snap*

As you can see, a great time was had by all in attendance!

Day 1 of The Expo (day two for me) began with me watching my fellow The Fluffy Girl Tribe Members – Alicia and Elle Dove on a panel entitled “Size 20 + And How To Navigate It”.They shared a seat at the table with Lorna, Marcy (of Plus Model Magazine), and Lisa. There wasn’t a chair left unoccupied in the room! They discussed topics related to dating, getting access to healthcare and self love! Things got pretty juicy in there! Unfortunately, time did not permit for where that conversation could have gone and to be quite honest… needed to go! Just the surface was scratched. I’m definitely waiting for part two! Something tells me that there might be something cooking to address that need! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Immediately following the panel, I made a B line to the exhibit hall where the expo was being held. I grabbed a seat as close to the stage as I could (my VIP wristband helped with that) to see the fashion show that featured the likes of Donovan, Jay, Rah, Mal, and Alex as they slayed the runway! WEEEEEEERK!There was also a performance by 4ThirtyTwo Dance Group.Soon after, I ran into many of my favorite bloggers, influencers, models & designers…

Here are a few “glam cam” selfies:

That evening, Marie celebrated her 10th Year of Blogging! The Curvy Fashionista has been the blueprint for many bloggers like myself in the plus size industry! It was definitely a party!


You are the G.O.A.T! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your wealth of knowledge to those of us that are new to the blogger game. Thank you for your empathy & compassion; I call you my “auntie in my head”. You just get it and are always there, giving words of encouragement & pushing folks to their potential. Annnnnnnnnd… THANK YOU for rocking with THE FLUFFY GIRL TRIBE the way that you do! Here’s to 10 more!

And no party in Atlanta is complete without some SWAG SURFIN! LOLDay 2 of The Expo (technically my day three), got off to a reaaaaaaallllly late start. Girl, I was sooooooo tired from my two FULL days of being fabulous; both days, I was at it from 9 AM til about 11 PM or so. No naps taken. Lawd knows how much I need and love my rest! LOL So I decided to sleep in a bit on Sunday. Not one alarm was set either! I even turned off the ringer to my cellphone! Once I did awaken from my slumber and got myself cute, I made my way to the expo. It didn’t help that I live about 20-30 mins from the venue. And If you know about Atlanta traffic, you know that that can easily turn into an hour commute! Ugh! I have certainly made a mental note to book a room at the host hotel and take advantage of the room block discount rates when I attend next year. This year it was The Renaissance Waverly @ Cobb Galleria; which is connected to the convention center! Talk about convenience! And I hear that the rooms were really nice!

Anywho… I arrived at the expo around 4PM. Late AF, I know. Don’t judge me. LOL But I made it in time for another fashion show and then made my rounds, took some flicks and sprinkled my black girl magic all around that exhibit hall one last time.

And guuuuuuurl, there were vendors galore in the building! I am so happy that I left my debit & credit cards at home… accidentally on purpose! LOL But I did stop by and say “hi” to the owners of The Thiq Boutique, Virgo Nicole Collection, Dean of Fashion, Lorenza James by Elle Dove, Courtney Noelle & Christian Omeshun just to name a few!

One of the highlights of my experience this year was being able to meet The Face of FFFWeek —> Katoriae AKA “Curvy Kissi”. After her performance, I found her sitting on a couch and I just walked up to her and introduced myself. We had shared a few messages previously via DM a few days earlier, so she knew that I would be looking for her. She was so warm and welcoming! OMG, her vibes were so dope! Don’t you just love it when you meet someone and their personality matches what you had of them in your head?! She reminded me of home! Through our conversation, we found out why we reminded each other of home. Come to find out, I am friends with one of her best friends from her hometown (Baltimore). This mutual friend was my next door neighbor during freshman year of college and we still keep in touch to this day! (Shoutout to the illustrious Temple University! Go OWLS!) Small world, right?! Before parting ways, I got her in a pair of lashes from my new collection! The question is, have you copped yourself a pair yet?! SHOP NOW!Overall, my experience at The TCFStyle Expo was amazing! Each year that I have attended has topped the year before! Attending as a blogger this year gave me a different advantage point and I am looking forward to what Marie has planned for next year! I wonder how she plans to top this one! Hard act to follow? Probably not for her!

Oooooooouuuu and before I go, I have to mention the swag bag that was given to the bloggers… it was packed with so many goodies!Check out all of my looks from this weekend. The theme (that I gave myself) was “I’ve got the blues”. Did I nail it or nah?!Outfit Deets:

Wide Leg Pant + Crop Top Set

Platform Denim Wedge Sandal

“Maui” Bag & Earring Set

Maxi Dress

Denim Shirt (Similar)

Distressed High Rise Jeans

Shredded Denim Clutch

Black Peep-Toe Bootie

Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit

And last but certainly not least, if you aren’t already doing so, go head and follow The Fluffy Girl Tribe!

Til next time…

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