I bared it all at Ponce City Market!

Over the weekend I had the opportunity of shooting with Melissa Frazier AKA Mel of It’s Mel Photography! She is a curator, visual designer and photographer here in Atlanta. Our vibes, energy, melanin and celebration of black fat girl magic is what drew us together for what is now just one of many upcoming projects!

We started off attempting to shoot at The Goat Farm Art Center, but found out that a permit (or permission) was needed in order to do so. There was an abundance of signs that read: “No Video/No Pictures” and “You Are Being Watched” with a camera surveillance graphic. We ran into a few melanin deficit individuals who didn’t seem interested in our presence there too much. They weren’t rude, but they also weren’t too welcoming either. It seems that The Goat Farm Art Center has tenants who actually live there. Which now in hindsight, all makes sense. Could you imagine some random strangers walking across your front lawn, ready to have a whole photoshoot, unsolicited? LOL So while the grounds were dope, we knew that we didn’t want to be arrested for trespassing, so we left and headed to Ponce City Market instead. We decided that we would return, once we acquired proper documentation or paid the necessary fees or however access to use the grounds is granted. I believe you have to go through a resident there and become their “guest”. The jury is still out on the exact process, but we will make it happen soon enough!

Here of some pictures of the beautiful facilities:


Heading to Ponce City was well worth it. We created something amazing as I bared it all (well, almost all) for the world to see on that rooftop! That shit was liberating AF, might I add!

Please visit her website: Girl It’s Mel when you get a chance!

Ps. Here are the deets on my outfit!

Lashes: Lashed & Loved

Dress: The Thiq Boutique

Bandelettes: Bandelettes

Shoes: Payless

Til next time, dolls!

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