Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

Without dropping any movie spoilers, I must say that this movie was awesome, powerful, empowering, and just simply beautiful to & for our people. It was truly a culturally and visually beautiful movie. I love and appreciate the African themes throughout the movie. The symbolism that this film exudes is awe inspiring to say the least! It highlighted our culture like nothing ever before. Our ancestors would be proud!

This film was dripping in melanin richness! The directing was simply amazing & the cast was beyond superb; everyone put their heart and soul into this film! I loved the social topics that were touched on in the film. Poverty, crime, the challenges of taking care of your immediate community vs the social responsibility of mankind, etc. This movie did a good job of highlighting some of these issues! As a black woman, I left this movie feeling inspired and more in love with my people than ever before! The power and beauty that was shown for women of color was empowering.

Many movie goers were adorned in dashikis and Ankara prints from head to toe; some in all black! I enjoyed seeing the cosplay that my folks wore to theaters in many cities across the country; so many smiling faces, united as one! We showed up & out, hunti! I encourage you to take your little black girls & boys in your lives (daughters, sons, nieces, nephews & students) to see this.

Wakanda Forever!

*packs bags for flight to Wakanda*

You can find me at the crossroads of Wakanda and Zamunda; where the shea butter never gets low and coconut oil is sprinkled on everything!

Ooooouuuu…. and it smells of frankincense & myrrh EVERYWHERE!

Ps. Black Panther was filmed mostly in Atlanta, GA; so technically, I live in Wakanda! Be jealous! LOL


During my recent trip home to Philly, I went to see Black Panther for a second time! It was just as great, if not better! I was able to take the movie in some and catch some of the hidden innuendos in the film.

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