A Review: SKINTRITION PRESCRIPTION skincare products

Not too long ago, I had acquired a few items from Skintrition Prescription while at a pop up shop. I kept saying to myself that I needed to give it a try, but most times when the thought crossed my mind, it was never in arms reach. Finally, fresh out of my daily facial cleanser (Neutrogena: Oil Free Acne Stress Control) I went and grabbed it one morning.


The exfoliating cream is gentle enough for daily use if need be and it doesn’t don the harsh chemical scent that many of them tend to have.

The cleanser was refreshing! It felt like it opened up my pores and hydrated my skin.

The moisturizer was very light, yet it handled my dry, yet oily skin very well. My face doesn’t feel tight, but it also isn’t greasy either.


Since using the products, I have noticed that my skin has gotten much brighter & vibrant! It prevented most of the usual breakouts that occur during my mensuration sentence. (YES, sentence! LOL) In addition, to my hormones already being imbalanced and out whack, I have also been under an uptick in stress lately, due to…… well…. life. Because of that, my skin (especially my face) hasn’t been too happy with me!

Overall, Skintrition Prescription products are amazing! It works wonders on melanin rich skin and I look forward to continuing my use of them! Once I get my coints together, I may need to reup and get the full sized bottles! If you have been looking for a new skincare regimen that works and is natural… look no more! Ps. You’ll also be supporting a black owned business too!

Shop: http://www.skintritionprescriptions.com


Hi, my name is Amina-Nicole and I am here to empower and increase your self confidence through education and treatment of your skin via the use and recommendation of products that are naturally derived/inspired, ethically sourced, safe, and most importantly effective for your beautifully diverse skin!!I know that skincare is important to you and achieving results is just as significant to you as knowing you’re doing so without harming your skin. But, you’re also a goal digger with a hectic life who doesn’t have time to research and discern the “skincare scams” from the “skincare facts”. Good thing you have me on your team! I am your SkintritionPrescriptionist – your trusted source to help you achieve your skincare concerns and needs.

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