A Girl’s Spa Day Experience Review: Candace Holyfield of I Love Candy Spa

Upon entering the modern chic establishment, located in Smyrna GA (very close to the Cumberland Mall Area), I was greeted with a warm & welcoming “hello” by Candace and one of her assistants. My homegirl and I were ushered into a cozy little reception area/alcove while they finished preparing the room that we would be receiving our spa services in. While we waited, we were offered a glass of wine, which of course we obliged to indulge in! Who am I to turn down a drink? LOL I, an educator in the Atlanta public school setting; her, a full time mother (amongst many other hats worn), this spa day was surely overdue for the both of us!

After several moments, we were notified that our room was ready. The set up of the room was perfect! There were two massage tables; one of which there was a tray adorned with trinkets: small chalkboards with our names on them, a mini bottle of wine and small satchels with herbs & fragrances inside. After reviewing the services that we would be receiving for the day, we were then asked to remove our clothes and lie face down on the massage table. To which my homegirl decided to pay homage to Uncle Luke and sang: “Face down, ass up!” We all chuckled! LOL Candace and her assistant left briefly and we excitedly complied to their request to get naked.Once completely bare and on the tables, Candace and her assistant reentered the room and got to work! Girl, when I tell you that they kneaded each & every kink there ever was!?! I felt my stress melt away and my tension float right out the door! I even dozed off a few times. This was my first time ever receiving a facial, so I must admit that I was a bit nervous. I’ve seen & heard of some horror stories! Plus, I had a photoshoot scheduled for the following day, so looking like Shrek was the last thing I needed to be dealing with. But, Candace reassured me that the products that she was using was all natural and that I would be just fine. And she was right!

After the massage and facial, we were ready for our third service of the day: a V Steam. I have heard some whispers of this new craze and just had to finally experience it for myself! I am down for trying out new things, but not when it comes to anything involving my vagina. I am particular about who or what I let near, around and in it. She had some herbs that are used for detoxing, to reduce cramps and for relaxation. I chose all three! Once everything was ready, we took our seat upon our throne, while draped in sheets. The sensation of the steam felt amazing! It was like having a steam facial… but on my vajayjay! LOL During this session, Candace commenced a sage cleansing. This was definitely what the doctor ordered! Here, we denounced anything negative that we didn’t want to bring into the new year and spoke into existence those things we wanted to manifest in 2018!


Detoxifying your vagina is exactly how it sounds: While wearing a big tent from the waist down, the woman squats down without underwear over a steaming pot of water infused with therapeutic herbs like mugwort, basil, calendula, oregano, marshmallow root, wormwood, and rosemary, but the two predominant herbs in the steam bath include mugwort and wormwood. During the process, which should last for about 20 to 45 minutes, the v-steam supposedly dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, providing oxygen, and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

Shortly after, we redressed and struggled to come down from our high of being put into a trance of ultimate relaxation! We didn’t want this moment to end!

We had such an amazing few hours at I Love Candy Spa! To Candace and her assistant, THANK YOU soooooooo much for such a wonderful experience! My homegirl and I absolutely enjoyed ourselves and we are already planning our next visit! The keyword for that day was SELF CARE and we achieved just that!

If you are reading this blog and you live in Atlanta or will be visiting soon, please be sure to make this one of your first (or last) stops and tell them that I sent you!

I Love Candy Spa

3812 Highlands Parkway, SE

Smyrna, GA 30082

(901) 690 – 2186


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