Wrap Up of Satrina’s Ultimate Closet Sale

On Saturday, November 25th, I teamed up with The Fluffy Girl Tribe and opened my closet up for customers to shop from. I definitely thought that the concept was dope! How many times do we buy clothes that we only wear once or never wear at all? Better yet, how often do we buy clothes, sight unseen, only for them to not fit and have to jump through hoops to return them (if that’s even an option). I can certainly say that I am guilty of all of the above!

The Ultimate Closet Sale was hosted by Tree, better known as @iamtr33 on Instagram. It was held at The Kupcakerie, located in East Point; a super cute & intimate venue. The closets of The Fluffy Girl Tribe, Stylist Endia Cymone and Tree were available to shop from. Vendors, Kloset Threads, Bright, Bold & Beautiful Boutique and Sparkles & Soles were present as well.

While, the event was not flowing with customers as hoped for, we all had an amazing time! We fellowshipped! Great conversations were had! We shopped from each other’s closets! We even played “dress up” in each other’s clothes and added accessories to our looks from the vendors who were there!

Besides leaving with some great additions to my closet, I networked with some dope women doing some dope stuff in Atlanta! I’m positive that you will see some collaborations between us all in the near future!

Tree, thank you for your hospitality and inviting The Fluffy Girl Tribe to participate! We had an amazing Saturday with you and the rest of the dolls present!

Published by Rachel Camille Carson

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