REBDOLLS: Harlem Brick+Mortar Store 

While visiting my best friend in New York, we took a trip to Harlem. We had just hopped out of our cab and was dodging the rain while trying to get inside Chuck E. Cheese where we planned to spend a few hours with her little one, when I saw Rebdolls sitting midblock on 125th Street (off Morningside Avenue) I screamed! An estatic scream, but a scream nonetheless. I even startled my best friend as she had no idea what was wrong with me! Even the cab driver looked at me strangely before pulling off. LOL After I pointed and explained that this was one of my favorite boutiques to shop from and that some of my most recent looks had come from there ( I refreshed her memory of a few looks/selfies that she had “liked”), she then understood my sheer excitement. She even asked if I wanted to go at that very second. I told her that I could wait til after we left Chuck E. Cheese.

So after taking pictures, riding a few rides, playing games and winning tickets, we headed right on over to Rebdolls before heading back to her apartment in Manhattan. I was quite pleased. The store front was small in size, but had quite a few pieces to choose from. Of course, I wanted it all! LOL The prices were that of what you see online. The customer service rep/cashier was nice and seemed very knowledgeable. There was an item that I was toying over getting and she convinced me to try it on and I ended up purchasing it.

I walked out with a two piece-set (pants: with a matching cardigan: and an off the shoulder crop top:
The next time you’re in New York, you should definitely make the trip to Harlem to check them out! I hope to see more stores pop up in different cities. Atlanta could definitely use one!

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