Mo McKenzie’s “All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer”: ATL’s Second Edition 

On Sunday, October 8th, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the “All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer” as a GUEST BLOGGER. It was hosted by the beautiful Mo McKenZie, a fashion stylist & personal shopper. The mixer was held at a cute little venue called The Kupcakerie located in East Point, GA. (My inner fat girl may have to double back and see what their baked goods are hittin’ for when I get an opportunity to do so. LOL)

It felt amazing to be present and accounted for in a room filled with so many in individuals who are passionate about “all things fashion & beauty”. I definitely learned ALOT as a new blogger in the game. Quite a few gems were dropped & I sure did pick them up!

At some point in the evening I was given the opportunity to ask the panel a question. The panel consisted of the following dolls/brand names: Ms Style Is She, Octavia Moss, Lisa Rachel, Queen of Massages ATL, I Slay Well, Fashionably Lethal, Pink Lipstick Shundra, Siimone Viictoria & Aisha Photography.

My question/statement went a little bit like this: “Hi my name is Rachel Raé, the curator of The Dean of Fashion & Beauty. If you had/have any advice to give to a new and up & coming/aspiring blogger or fashion & beauty brand, what would it be?”

While many jewels were dropped in that room, the biggest take away from that discussion for me was about CONSISTENCY & FEARLESSNESS. The panel elaborated very eloquently & at times very candidly that no matter what, you should always remain consistent. You should “do you”; whatever that means to you. You always should be fearless in the content that you create. You should be comfortable enough in yourself to take risks. You should never copy someone else (I believe that that was when a few members of the panel “kept it real” LOL) The panelists collectively agreed that if these are all executed properly, you will be a force to be wreckened with. People will want to collaborate with you. People will want to listen to your platform. You will naturally become an influence that will leave your mark in the fashion and beauty world!

I am gracious for the opportunity to attend. I look forward to more of Mo’s events in the near future! I know that she is hosting a brunch in Atlanta on November 19th and I plan to be in attendance. If you’re in the Newark, NJ area, Mo’s next networking event will be held on November 26th. You should definitely have your face in the place to be!

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