One MusicFest 2017

On Saturday, my girls and I went to brunch at BQE Restaurant & Lounge before heading to One MusicFest. You definitely MUST check out this spot on any given Saturday; guaranteed ‘good vibes only’. I’ll do a write up exclusively on them at a later date. This year’s line up at OMF wasn’t as ‘lit’ as previous years, but they had my girl Jill Scott performing as the headliner, so I was good as she NEVER lets me down! Mos Def (Yasin Bey) was slated to give a ‘farewell performance’, but it was underwhelming for me while he was on stage struggling through his set. The lights were cut off. The sound wasn’t that great. And he did more MCing than actually performing songs. I did get to hear ‘Ms. Fat Booty’, but I wanted and expected so much more. Maybe my standards were too high. It could have been that I’m not a true Mos Def fan. *shrugs shoulders*. But as a lover of music, I was not impressed at all.

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